I am just thinking about adoption. Where do I start?

Adoptions can be overwhelming. I recommend calling the Law Firm of Ina Johnson Cook, PC. in order that we may guide you through the process and create a plan to ensure that your needs are protected from the start to finish. We will discuss the different types of adoptions and see which ones will best suit your future family and then remain with you every step of the way.

How long does the process take?

Adoption can vary in time. I recommend that people assume that it will take as long as gestation period for a baby, that is at least nine months. Although the time may be shorter or longer, that can be a good starting point.

What is the cost of an adoption?

The cost of an adoption varies with the type of adoption. Some adoptions through the Department of Human Resources of your State may have no fees while some International adoptions can be over $50,000. We recommend that you set a budget and schedule a consultation so that we can help you find the adoption plan that will meet your budget.

Are their tax incentives for an adoption?

Yes, many families qualify for the Federal Adoption Tax Credit. In 2012 the Federal Adoption Tax became permanent as a nonrefundable credit. In addition, some States also have a State tax credit. An accountant can help you decide if you qualify.

Are adoptions safe?

There are many different types of adoptions. Of course, there is a chance that an adoption can disrupt but having capable counsel that specializes in adoptions can help safeguard your family. Also, making sure that you are educated throughout the process helps you know what to expect at every step and what to avoid.

How do I know what adoption is best for me?

We recommend clients writing down their expectations and requirements in an adoption. Then we at the Law Firm of ina Johnson Cook, PC can talk with you through which adoption process best meet those need. We will evaluate which expectations are realistic and attainable and what is the best