As an Adoptive parent, Attorney Cook will use her legal expertise and personal experience of over 25 years to respectfully advise and represent all parties of the adoption process including birth parents and adoptive parents throughout the United States and internationally to obtain the legally safest and smoothest adoption possible.

Domestic adoptions:

If you are already working with an agency or through the Department of Family and Children’s Services, Ina Johnson Cook has worked with almost every adoption agency in the metro area and many in  the outlying areas. She has frequently been relied upon to provide advice to  the Department of Family and Children’s services in Georgia As a member of the Georgia Association of Licensed Adoption Attorneys, she advices and works with different adoption agencies and can provide a smooth and secure adoption experience.

Interstate Adoptions:

Conducting adoptions between states can be a confusing and difficult process.  Attorney Cook has almost 25 years of experience dealing with interstate adoptions. By offering practical legal advice she can help you navigate the interstate adoption process successfully.

International or Intra Country Adoptions.

Understanding International Law and U.S. immigration law is crucial to successfully completing an international adoption. Our law firm has helped many clients finalize adoptions in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Central and South America.  Ina Cook can help you through this convoluted area of adoption law while respecting the laws of other countries but securing the legally safest adoption for  you.

Private Adoptions

Some people prefer not to use an agency to create their adoption plans. In these cases a knowledgeable attorney is invaluable.

Birth Parent Representation

If you just want to learn about different options for your child, we will offer respect and expertise in helping you decide what is the best family option for you. We handle each case without judgment and make sure your voice is heard throughout the adoption process.

Relative or Step-parent Adoption

Many relatives and ad step parents do not know the benefits of adopting a child who is in their care.  Attorney Cook will patiently talk you through the process to see if adoption is your best option.