We care about your family

We are committed to thoroughly knowing and consistently applying the law to insure protection and advocacy for your family. Through Adoptions, Legal Representation and Legal Counseling this family focused law firm will protect your interests for life. From Adoption to Wills and everything in between, birth to death. The Law Firm of Ina Johnson Cook, PC will not only manage current situations but help prepare you to avoid future problems. The attorneys will use their professional and life coaching experience to guide our clients through their circumstances legally, financially and emotionally.

Let us help you


As an Adoptive parent, Attorney Cook will use her legal expertise and personal experience of over 18 years to respectfully advise and represent all parties of the adoption process including birth parents and adoptive parents throughout the United States and internationally to obtain the legally safest and smoothest adoption possible.

Counseling for Life

One of the joys of our firm is to help families avoid legal pitfalls and costly legal battles through counseling. Many legal issues can be avoided through preparation and legal knowledge that we will gladly share with you. Whatever your stage in life, legal counselling can be a benefit to you. Contact us today and we will analyze your situation and help you minimize your future risk.

Family Law Representation

Unfortunately some issues need court intervention, during that time will The Law Firm of Ina Johnson Cook, PC will tirelessly and empathetically represent you to fight for the best outcome for your family. We will be reachable (bad word) to give you peace of mind through that difficult time and use the law to fight for you.