Where Do I Start?

Child custody Issues/ Child support

Through change of custody issues, management of current custody situations or creations of a manageable custody plan for a divorce agreement. We will patiently assist you throughout the process. In addition, Ina Cook’s experience in International adoption law is essential in International Custody cases.


Creations of Wills, Attorney in Facts, Power of Healthcare, Property Guardianships and the like we will help determine what is necessary and the best for your situation. Many of these documents prevent future litigation. However, if a court visit is necessary, our law firm will faithfully represent you.

Juvenile Court

With over 25 years of experience in the Juvenile Court system and frequent practice in many of the major juvenile courts of Georgia, Ina Cook can guide you through the emotional process of Deprivations and Delinquency through the Juvenile Court process.

Sometimes people just need advice based on sound legal principals & years of experience.

At the Law Firm of Ina Johnson Cook, PC we will sit down with you and offer advice and counseling to build long term legal security in your domestic situations. Our goal is not just to help you avoid litigation and court fees now but to create a plan that will protect you, your family and your assets into the future.

Legal counseling can save you time, money and frustration.

Call us for an consultation for your situation today.